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4 Things To Look For in Commercial Heating Repair

4 Things To Look For in Commercial Heating Repair

Just like your car, your building’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance and tune ups to operate at peak performance. Over time, parts can wear down, fluids dry up, filters get clogged, etc. These minor inconveniences can quickly escalate into larger, more expensive problems if they aren’t acknowledged quickly enough. 

DIY HVAC repairs rarely go smoothly so it’s best to contact a specialist who knows the equipment inside and out. But not all commercial heating repair companies provide the same level of service, so you need to do your due diligence during the hiring process and avoid hiring the first or cheapest company you can find.  Here are four things to look for when hiring a commercial heating repair company:

4 Things to Look For in Commercial Heating Repair

You need to hire a company that has the expertise, quality workmanship, and experience to handle your type of commercial heating system.

Here are four things to look for when hiring a commercial heating repair company:

1. Licensed in Your Area

You want a company with the license to work in your area and an office nearby. Companies that have local offices are careful to do an excellent job in their locality, as they are keen on gaining more customers through a good reputation. You also have an office where you can complain if the quality of service does not meet your expectations.

Most commercial heating companies will provide their office information on their websites. The license information is available on request or at your local authority.

2. Customer Reviews

What do customers say about them? Do you get enough positive reviews to be convinced that they are good? You can start with the Better Business Bureau to get their rating. You may find a few commercial clients that have talked about them on the internet.

Furthermore, you can ask the service provider to give at least two references who have procured its services in the last year. Where possible, ask if the company has handled repairs for a similar institution, such as a school or organization as yours. You may reach out to the customer and get to know their experience. Corporate customers tend to be more honest about their experiences.

3. Experience with Your Kind of Equipment

Different types of HVAC equipment have different parts and operating mechanisms that make them work.  It is essential to know if its technicians have any experience working with the type of heater your building uses.

If your equipment is still under warranty, you need an HVAC company that is authorized to handle repairs in order to avoid voiding the warranty. Here, you may need to contact the dealer for assistance. However, all other equipment can be repaired by technicians with the proper certifications. You can get this from the HVAC company.

4. Types and Cost of Services Offered

Check the type and cost of HVAC services offered. Some of the repair services offered include emergency services, repair and replacement, specialized services, and general maintenance. If the business operates around the clock, you may want to check on a provider that offers emergency service if the heating equipment breaks in the middle of the night. On the other hand, they should replace any appliance that is not feasible to repair.

Cost should be the last feature in your selection process. You must strike a balance between service quality and cost. Do not just go for the cheapest or most expensive repair service.

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