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How to Save Money on Commercial Heating and Cooling

How to Save Money on Commercial Heating and Cooling

Commercial heating and cooling systems help run many businesses and are crucial for daily operations. However, these units account for the highest energy consumption in commercial buildings. Balancing the air conditioning and heating requirements with decreased operating costs can be challenging for any business owner.

Fortunately, you can make a few changes to your unit to increase sustainability and ensure that your system runs efficiently.

Here are the top effective ways of saving money with your commercial HVAC/R unit.

1. Perform Periodic Maintenance on Your Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems

Scheduling preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways of minimizing energy usage without significant capital investment. During the tune-ups, your technician can spot and repair non-functional parts before they start straining your unit.

Plus, they lubricate all moving parts, which helps prevent costly repairs in the future. When your system operates efficiently, you'll also improve equipment longevity, maintain comfort for your employees, and prevent unscheduled downtime.

2. Make Repairs Promptly

Once you spot an issue with your heating and cooling system, call an experienced technician immediately for repairs. Pay close attention to strange noises, odors from your unit, and uneven heating or cooling.

Note that all components in your HVAC/R system work in coordination, so if one part breaks down, it affects the standard functionality of the other elements. Prompt HVAC/R repairs keep your unit running smoothly for a more extended period and prevent inconveniencing breakdowns.

3. Purchase the Right Sized Unit

Make sure you're using the right-sized HVAC/R unit for your building. If you opt for an excessively more minor system, it will struggle to maintain comfortable conditions in the building. This may result in excessive wear and tear, calling for frequent replacements and repairs.

Oversized heating and cooling systems can also drive your energy bills higher. Due to the excess capacity, your unit will heat or cool your building faster.

This will result in temperature swings that prompt your system to start and shut down often. Aside from increasing energy consumption, these short cycles can increase the wear rate, which shortens the lifespan of your unit.

To avoid such issues, have a professional technician help you choose the right size of commercial HVAC/R system based on the climatic conditions in your region, your building's square footage, and the number of occupants.

4. Invest in the advanced equipment

If you're still using an outdated HVAC/R unit, investing in a new model can help you save on energy bills. Like other machines, HVACs lose their work efficiency with age. Over time, they consume more energy and need constant maintenance to operate optimally.

Investing in a new heating and cooling unit can be more energy-efficient and cost-saving. Modern units are more energy-efficient and are equipped with more advanced technologies that improve their functionalities, making them the perfect option.

Need Help in Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC/R Unit? Consult the Pros

Commercial heating and cooling systems can be some of the largest energy consumers in commercial buildings. But with regular maintenance and preventive care, you can keep your HVAC/R system running efficiently and save on operational costs.

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