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Is Commercial Water Heater Repair Considered an Emergency?

Is Commercial Water Heater Repair Considered an Emergency?

Most, if not all, commercial buildings have a water heater. And just like any piece of equipment, commercial water heaters require repairs and maintenance on a periodic basis. But some repairs are more urgent than others and in some cases, water heater repair can be considered an emergency. 

If your building’s water heater is no longer providing your guests with a reliable source of warm water, it might be considered an emergency repair. Here is how you can tell:

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Common Water Heater Problems

Some of the recurrent water heater problems that most commercial buildings face include:

  • Water leaks: Spotting small pools of water near your water heater is often a problem in commercial buildings. Larger pools of water may signal a more serious problem.
  • Unstable water temperatures: If the water in your building is constantly and uncontrollably changing between hot and cold, this could be a problem with the water heater./li>
  • Smelly water: Pure water isn't always a matter of being clear; it should also have no foul smell. Problems with your water heater could make the water have a funny smell.
  • Impure water: If the water coming from your heater suddenly stops being clear, it could mean that there are impurities coming from the water heater that need to be checked.
  • Noise: When a water heater is faulty or spoiled, it may produce some creaking sounds, which may require an immediate fix.

How To Tell if Your Water Heater Repair Is an Emergency

Your commercial water heater repair should be considered an emergency if it has any of the characteristics listed below:

1. Major leaks

Over time, water heaters start becoming faulty and perhaps start having loose pipes, which lead to leaks. Small pools of water may not be a major issue, but if you see larger pools of water, then that will require urgent repair.

2. Too much pressure

High temperatures tend to increase the amount of pressure inside tanks. Increased pressure may cause the tank to burst, and this could sometimes be dangerous. To avoid this pressure build-up, always maintain your tank's water temperature at less than 140 degrees.

3. Deposits in the water tank

When hot water from the heater starts showing signs of impurities, this could mean that the anode rod is worn off and rusted. As a result, rust particles may be found inside the water. In this case, the water heater repair should be immediately prioritized.

4. Fluctuating water temperatures

From time to time, the water produced by the heater is either too hot or colder than expected. If you are having trouble finding the perfect temperature for your water heater, it will need to be inspected as soon as possible.

5. Damage to the water tank

A water heater repeatedly cools and heats water, causing its tanks to expand and contract. Since commercial buildings are constantly using hot water, there is often simultaneous expansion and contraction of the heater, which may cause it to crack. These cracks may lead to leaks and may need urgent attention from professionals.

Emergency Commercial Water Heater Repair

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